The challenge of getting AIs to follow human values not only must be solved, but can be solved, and will be solved.

Our Vision

We believe AI has the power to radically enhance human potential. We are working to ensure that the development of artificial intelligence safely and democratically empowers every human being.

Mission Lock

We have put a mission-locked clause in our company charter that means we will never increase AI capability more than safety.


Aligned AI is founded by AI leaders from Oxford, Dr. Stuart Armstrong and Rebecca Gorman, who have speaking on, publishing, and researching AI alignment and threats for years.

Dr. Stuart Armstrong

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Stuart Armstrong spent a decade at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University focusing on the power and risk of AI long before others were aware of these issues. Dr. Armstrong developed many novel methods of AI control, publishing extensively and accumulating thousands of citations. In 2022 he co-founded Aligned AI with the aim of ensuring that AIs remained safe and under human control. He is the author of Smarter Than Us: The Rise of Machine Intelligence and Racing to the precipice: a model of artificial intelligence development. He has also appeared in several documentaries, such as "Alien Worlds", "The Future of Life and Death", and "Odyssey", and has been interviewed by major news outlets about AI and the future of space exploration.

Rebecca Gorman

Rebecca Gorman

Co-founder & CEO

Rebecca Gorman is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned technologist and AI expert. Rebecca built her first AI system 20 years ago and has advocated for responsible AI for over a decade. She has co-developed several advanced methods for AI alignment and has advised policymaking bodies including the EU, UN, OECD, and UK Parliament on responsible AI regulation. She was named in REWork’s Top 100 Women Advancing AI in 2023, nominated for VentureBeat's Women in AI Award for Responsibility and Ethics in AI, and is a member of Fortune's Founders Forum.

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©2023 Aligned AI

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